1. Fig Garden Woman’s Club is an active member of the world’s largest and oldest volunteer service organization. The General Federation of Woman’s Clubs and the California Federation of Woman’s Clubs.

2. Fig Garden Woman’s Club supports the arts, promotes education, encourages healthy lifestyles, stresses civic involvement, preserves national resources and works towards peace and human understanding.

3. Fig Garden Woman’s Club responds to community needs by offering local scholarships and making contributions to worthwhile organizations.

4. Fig Garden Woman’s Club expresses its appreciation to the community by presenting an Art and Flower Show and Reciprocity Tea each spring. Also, by serving cookies at a Christmas Tree Lane walk each year.

5. The Fig Garden Woman’s Club clubhouse which was completed in the spring of 1926 is a Fresno County Historical Site as well as a California Point of interest and we are very proud of it.

6. Current membership is 175 active members.